Thursday, July 2, 2009

My Angel...

Yesterday i got this sweet and fragile fish in my flat...i gave her a name too"Angel"...I've heard keeping fish at home brings good luck to u...lets see what she gets for me!!

A love so strong...

A feeling has started to grow..
Something u should know..
I’ve been waiting for u too long..
My love so strong…
Is this love going to stay here forever..
What tales will it uncover??
Your presence lingers whole day
Its you who made it this way
Today I bet my life
U've no idea what I feel inside
Its like a new birth, new beginning
Like a dark sky having a silver lining
I’ll need u again n again
To be my side ,to hold my hand
Ur strength makes me go on
Look my love so strong!!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A little dedication for my Doggi...

My dog sits waiting in the cold autumn sun.Too faithful to leave, too frightened to run.
She's been here for days now with nothing to do,but sit by the road waiting for me.
She can't understand why i left her that day.She thought i and she were stopping to play.
She's sure I'll come back, and that's why she stays.

How long will she suffer? How many days?
Her legs have grown weak, her throat's parched dry.She's sick now from hunger and falls, with a sigh.
She lays down her head and closes her eyes to catch me playing by her side.

Missing u sweetu...

Monday, June 29, 2009

Love taught me...

Watched a gr8 movie…learnt about how gr8 relations are built.
What I learnt is,” in any relation it’s the other person who loves more”
God I wish I’m not the one!!
I feel patience comes handy in every walk of life…
be it a mother who waits for 9 months to watch her baby grow from a tiny embryo to a well built baby,a bud to blossom into a b’ful flower,a caterpillar to transform into butterfly ,night to turn into serene dawn or say any “Relation”…now here comes my point.
I believe if u don’t have patience n feeling of sacrifice don’t fall into any relation..cuz what ever u do,if u lack this eminence ur steps will go wrong..For me patience has taught me brightest things in my my life many things have survived before twisting.
loving the other beyond ur selfish interest is required…it cant be always I,Me,Myself..Whole our life we thought of us..we were the center of our universe but whn someone new steps into our realm we get a bit confused..coming out of this confused state n going beyond doing something for the other and that also unconditionally is called as “love”…if u are ready to go this extra mile then only fall in love.
People say he or she is good looking that’s why I love.But don’t you think like all perishable goods human flesh is also going to decay when we die.We'll be food for worms .What will remain till eternity is that feeling, sweet nothings shared n love.
I feel u should always put more n more into your relation rather than taking out from your relation.Learn to Love the person at times when there is sunshine or rain, in richness or deprive, in sickness or health.
I love being in love…couldn't’t have made a better frnds tease how can u be crazy for Che***??i marvel how will they know thy don’t have Che*** to love.
so frnds what are u waiting for go ahead fall in love...this is what Love taught me.

My Fighter Plane Brother

My Brother is so annoying My Brother is so sad My Brother drives me crazyit makes me wanna go mad.My Brother makes my father constantly yell My Brother makes my mother cry

My Brother makes me wanna go die, sometimes...My Brother is crazy My Brother is nuts Sometimes I want to grab him and choke him til' he goes nuts,

Someday I won't have my brother and I wish that day will never come because surely without him I will nor be the same..

To my Dear Brother-Anish